3 Things Beginners Should Know About Bends Part 2

Last time we talked about using your thumb as an anchor point and squeezing your hand together to more evenly distribute the work load when you bend. In the same way, the tip I’ll be giving you today will also help to better evenly distribute the work load, but this time, not from your thumb but from your other fingers.

Now, I’m not sure what finger you generally try to use, but as much as possible, you should try using your third (ring) finger for bends. Why is that? Well, by using your third finger, you can allow your 2nd finger (middle) and 1st finger (pointer) to help create the bend. Let’s try it out.

Three Fingers Are Better Than One

use 3 fingers to do guitar bendsPlace your 3rd finger on the 9th fret of your 2nd string, B. Now on that same string, put your 2nd and 1st fingers directly behind it. They should end up somewhere on the 8th and 9th frets. Now try a bend and use all of your fingers together. See how using 3 fingers instead of just one really takes a lot of the effort away?

Now I know that it won’t always work out like that in context of playing songs. Naturally, you won’t always be able to do bends with your 3rd finger. But now that you have experienced a third finger bend for yourself, you can see why it’s worth trying to do it in this way every time. Just like anything else, the more you practice it, the easier it will get and you won’t have to think about what finger to use, or that you should be trying to wrap your thumb around the top of the neck for extra support. It will just happen.

Stay Tuned For More

In the next post, I’ll give you one last tip that will help with the sound and accuracy of your bends. This is probably the most important tip so far because with enough experience, you can use any finger to do a bend, not just your third finger. And with enough strength, you can bend without ever wrapping your thumb around the top of the neck. These tips are really just like added bonuses. Highly recommended bonuses, to be sure! But, if your bends aren’t hitting the right pitches, they will just sound amateurish. Definitely not the sound you’re going for!