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How To Train Your Ear For Tuning A Guitar – VIDEO

In today’s video, I’ll be answering these three questions that deal with the ear training side of things as you tune a guitar:

  1. Why should you avoid tuning by the “5th Fret” method even though it’s the most common way of learning how to tune?
  2. Which direction is easier to come from as you tune? Higher or lower?
  3. How can you tell if a note is out of tune?

One Easy Way To Cut Down On Fret Buzz – Video

Sometimes it seems like no matter how hard you’re pressing down on the string, you still get that dreaded fret buzz, or string buzz noise. I know it can be super frustrating when it feels like you just can’t press down any harder. Well today I want to show you an easy way -that you can apply right now to your playing- to at least cut down on some of that string buzzing sound on your guitar.

The article version of this simple technique to minimize fret and string buzz can be found here.

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